So Rob wanted get a game day and we managed to get some dice rolling in.

First Keith meticulously set up a winter table for us to try a Disposable Heroes: Point Blank scenario set in the 1939 Winter War.

The scenario was Russians defending a train that was sapped from the Finnish White Death.

Finns had 1 squad and two captured T26s to ambush 2 squads of Russians with a T28 and an ATR Team. And so it began.

Finns revealed as they activated laying down SMG fire from one side and LMG from the other putting the pinch on my squad. Comrade Al had better luck at his end of the tracks using his ATR team to quickly kill the freshly entered T26.

Meanwhile my forces dwindled as the 2nd Finn Jacked T26 entered the table targeting the back end of the T28. After a short duel the T28 got smoked as Comrade Al moved the ATR team down to engage the fresh T26 but to no avail.

Russians were looking bad going into the second turn and the game was called in favor of the Finns.

This game gave me some ideas on how to run a SCW PB GAME.

Next up, we cleared the table and each picked a mech to slug it out in a cutthroat game of Giant Stompy Robots hosted by Al.

We only got to play a few turns, but it amounted to everyone ganging up on me only for me to pour all my wrath onto rob, scoring a victory.


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