Sunday, December 23, 2012

Life in the Projects, Goals for 2013

Okay, so what is on my hobby goal list for next year? So far the following:

Winter War- Top on my list to finish my remaining 25mm infantry and armor for the Russian forces.

Battle of Brunete 1937- Long term project, 28mm, got moorish infantry to finish.

Hollow Earth project- Want to finish the Expedition rules for Where Heroes Dare! Got some fun minis to get painted for this.

Those are the big ones. Want to sprinkle in a little variety of other projects too. Future purchases, interests include:

X Wing minis game, keep hearing good things about this.

Eureka Brush War line. Love the models, if I can finish my current moderns stuff then I might get these.

WW2 Soviet Naval brigade, still want to get a platoon of these.

15mm gladiators for travel Victus?

28mm hostages from Armorcast for modern scenarios.

That's all the comes to mind. For now :)

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Just when the evil that was Kong Fang seemed gone for ever, something awakens in the depths of an old Chinese Joss!  Statues come to life! KONG FANG RETURNS!

 Having finished a few Terra-cotta warrriors, I decided to post a few pics.

Now for another trip, Where Heroes Dare!

More to come,

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Victus Game Retiarius Vs Secutor

A few weeks ago friends Rob and Tony met on the sands of the arena to see who had more heart using the upcoming Victus Gladiator rules from Iron Ivan Games.

Rete Tony began the game with a net cast attack right away to the slower Secutor Rob, but Rob was able to defend the attack. The pair quickly closed the gap and began wailing away on one another as the paced on the sands. Secutor Rob scored a few well place hits and began to work over Rete Tony's exposed right arm. After taking a smiting blow, and being 6 rounds deep into the match, Tony sought Missus (Mercy) from the crowd only to be told to continue but with his net returned to him.

Another net cast was attempted but Tony was already worn down by Rob's blows. As things became desperate, Tony thinking of his career and life again sought Missus and was awarded it by the crowd granting Secutor Rob Victus!

Players then rolled on the Fortune and pay tables to see how closer to freedom they were. Tony ended up fighting an winning a private match against Rob that was done for a Noble Dinner party, reducing his life debt a little. It's a long road to freedom!

More to come!

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Having an itch to play some moderns a few of us pooled our collections to do a Modern Syria What If game where the US sends in forces to rescue beleaguered aid workers from a Syrian militia. For rules we used Iron Ivan Games, SEEK OUT CLOSE WITH AND DESTROY by Chalfant Conley.

Tony and I played the Syrians while Rob's US forces debuted on the table against them. Both groups moved to secure the aid workers through the rubble strewn streets.

Rob quickly discovered that a Bradley is not T55 proof and that using them as a battle taxi works a lot better. I learned that a LAW makes a mess of a guy when trapped inside a hovel.

In the end the game went 2hrs and ended with both sides only securing 1 aid worker each. Lots of fun with explosions, armor and good friends!

More to come,