Life in the Projects, Goals for 2013

Okay, so what is on my hobby goal list for next year? So far the following:

Winter War- Top on my list to finish my remaining 25mm infantry and armor for the Russian forces.

Battle of Brunete 1937- Long term project, 28mm, got moorish infantry to finish.

Hollow Earth project- Want to finish the Expedition rules for Where Heroes Dare! Got some fun minis to get painted for this.

Those are the big ones. Want to sprinkle in a little variety of other projects too. Future purchases, interests include:

X Wing minis game, keep hearing good things about this.

Eureka Brush War line. Love the models, if I can finish my current moderns stuff then I might get these.

WW2 Soviet Naval brigade, still want to get a platoon of these.

15mm gladiators for travel Victus?

28mm hostages from Armorcast for modern scenarios.

That's all the comes to mind. For now :)


  1. Good luck with your projects for nest year.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.



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