The 4th Battle of Geonosis AAR

The 4th Battle of Geonosis

In a galaxy far, far away...

 General Kenobi leads an attack against a Separatist Shield Station on the Planet Genosis

The Station is well defended.
 The Clones let fly an opening salvo signalling the assault!

 Droids advance to meet the Republic forces.

 More Separatist Droids!

 Republic Grav Tank advances to give supporting fire to General Anakin.

 The Recon walker flanks the droids.

 Ahsoka Tano cuts down a Vulture droid in a Dire Duel only to be mowed down by a droid tank.

 The Clones adavance!

 Droid pour on the fire!

 Clones are forced back slowly.

 Republic Grav tanks pound Droid targets.

 Heavy casualties on the Separatist side as Anakin advances.

In the end the Republic can not beat through the Separatist forces as more Droid reinforcements arrive.  Another plan must be executed...


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