The Night of The Glob, AAR

Night of The Glob

Here is the AAR of the Glob game we ran using Iron Ivan Games new Scenario for No More Room In Hell:

Downtown Fenixburg after the Glob has landed.

The USMC Rescue teams arrive via Sea Knight chopper.

Quickly teams Tango and Charlie spread out in the dark of night in search of Survivors...
"We'll check the car, you take your team and check that building.."

The car is clear, but a Glob is spotted!

Pvt Stine tries to fend off the Glob in Hand to Hand!

The Glob is stunned as it attempts to reconstitute itself!

Team Charlie becomes trapped inside the building which is leaking Gas!!
Out Front a Glob moves toward Team Charlie-
As an even larger Glob moves toward their building. Team Charlie flees out a back door and through an alley!

Team Tango makes it's way back to the Chopper and finds a Survivor, Pvt Stine faints after another encounter with a Glob. Encounter markers begin to close on the USMC, but are they more Survivors or Globs?!

Closer, closer...

They are Globs! And Team Tango takes tests on the Fear table. Sgt. Conley and Pvt Stine both pass out, but Pvt Gardner rushes into hand to hand and beats back the Glob from his comrades.

Safe for the moment!

Team Charlie rescues a wino and a cat lady and try to hot wire a RV as Globs begin to close around them.

Team Tango find 2 more Survivors, High Tower and Doctor Price.

Encircled by the Glob, Team Charlie sacrifices the Wino to the Glob to escape!

Run for the Chopper!!

Here comes a big one!!

Fire splits it apart!

But doesn't stop it from reaching hand to hand, Fear tests are failed and Pvt Gardner bolts while Pvt Stine faints again and is eaten by the Glob. Only Sgt. Conley of the team makes it back to the Chopper.

Team Charlie makes a mad dash for the Chopper!

The Globs encircle the Chopper as the Teams attempt to fend them off while they lift off.

In the end Team Tango rescued the most Survivors, but lost 2 Team members, Stine who was eaten and Gardner who was left behind!

The game was a lot of fun and really shows how versatile No More Room In Hell is for all types of Survival Horror gaming. This ran about 2 hours with lots of laughs and tension to go around. Give it a try:



  1. Ha! Great batrep from Fenixburg. Very nice city-scenic, vehicles (looks to be a mix of metal, plastic, and well I think), and figures. The wino getting globbed is hilarious!

  2. Wow, superb layout and great Batrep!

  3. That looks like a really fun game. You're globs look great by the way.

  4. Fantastic report! You always gotta watch out for meteor shit!


  5. Great game! Now I just have to do something with that survival horror theme!


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