Afghanistan 1985 with Disposable Heroes: POINT BLANK

Game test Afghanistan 1985

We ran a Moderns Game Test of the forthcoming Squad based Skirmish Ruleset from Iron Ivan Games, Disposable Heroes: Point Blank. We did a 4 player game with each player getting a squad.

The table.

A lonely local, milling about a broken down truck...smells like a trap.

Here comes the Red Army.

A mechanized squad enters the table and quickly deploys.

Ali gives the signal to attack!

The Muj ambush the Soviets.

The Soviets begin taking up positions and move to flank the Muj.

The Muj begin to get pinned down from the Soviet fire.

Muj snipers take down a Soviet.

A Muj RPG takes out the BMP, but is pinned into oblivion from suppressing fire.

The unpinned Muj charge the flanking Soviets and defeat them in Close Combat, but lose their overall commander.

The game lasted about 1.5 hrs and ended with the Soviets in a little better condition. There were a lot of Muj suppressed on the table and losing their leader meant less activations in the Point Blank system. The Soviets took some losses too, but their training gave them a greater tactical flexibility by way of more activations and better morale.

All in all a fun game, I like how the mechanics of the game allow individual actions and you see a tactical choices being made by the players.

More to come,



  1. Nice batrep. I have the No More Room In hell set to try.

  2. Very nice, very nice. So how figures per side were you using?

  3. Edit to above. How "many" figures per side were you using?

  4. Thanks!

    We used about 10 men or less to each player, 2 players per side.


  5. Really happy to see this on the horizon.


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