Dirk Manchest and Farouk go to the Earth's Core

Alright, back to some more work on the Hollow Earth rules for Where Heroes Dare!

My long time, faithful Companion Mongo purchased a Zuzzy mat for me with earnings he made from the sale of one my early inventions, The Feeble Inducer ray. Apparently it sold well enough for me to get the mat and him to get the operation and new clothes he desired.

So here is the mat:

The mat and the paints about to be used on it.

Post paints.

Now we proceed to Dirk Manchest and Professor Farouk at the Earth's Core.

"I say Manchest, a trifle hot down here wot wot?"

"Quiet Farouk, that big toothed thing sees us!"

"We must run, your umbrella is powerless here!"

So that's some of the new terrain, going to give it a test run tomorrow so more to come.



  1. Very cool! What did you use to make the outcroppings?

  2. Always glad to hear about more WHD goodness being cooked-up in the Lab. My dinosaurs haven't been fed in a long time....

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