We need meds, grub, and...

Meanwhile, inside the Aunt Annie's Pretzel Compound...

Our 6 players (survivors) are tasked with finding much needed food and morphine. Arriving by Ice Cream truck we quickly deploy.

Some of the first Zeds are spotted shambling toward our apathetic Farmer/leader Jeb.

Ol' Jeb goes a hunting in the ruins, Charo and the Drug Dealer go for a flank while civic leaders Gina and The Fireman go for a far right. The PD support Jeb.


Houses are searched to no avail.

Team Charo making their way to the Gun Store/Daycare center

Team Fireman

Making our way, the only way we know how...

PD dropping some ZEDS.

Ol' Jeb takes a bite.

"Back to the van!"

End of days...

Everyone back to the van!

A big thanks to Chris of our local Northern Lancaster Wargamers for putting this on for us. These are his home brew rules and everyone had a good time. Highlights include some desperate jumps from second story windows and wicked shotgun shooting. In the end I believe Charo had the most merit badges. Until next time...



  1. Looks like it was a fun game!

  2. Good game!
    Those paper vehicles look pretty good actually - who are they by?

  3. Nice looking game. Thanks for posting the pics Doc.


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