Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Artizan's WW2 Late War German's, WIP

"Doc, just what is on your table?" Well, I'm glad you asked. Currently I'm painting my way through some 28mm German's for a friend. I'm at the point where it is now detailing, almost all the big brush work is done, so more than half way. I really like these models and this will be the second time I have painted them, as I have a platoon myself. My crummy phone camera may not show it, but the figs have a lot of detail and take a brush well IMOHO. After these guys are done, who knows as I still have a lot of lead to get through...



  1. Cool man, I'm glad you're getting to paint. My lead pile is absurd right,truly absurd and I just got a big shipment from Khurasan. Painting has come to a halt since starting the secret project, but I've been putting some energy into 15mm post apocalyptic terrain for zombie stuff.

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