Thursday, September 24, 2009

Red Sun, Red Death!

Some pics from our Club's Pacific Theater WW2 game this past Weds using Iron Ivan Game's Red Sun, Red Death! Supplement. Our very own Dave laid out the table with his awesome looking jungle terrain and hordes of Japanese. I provided some USMC and a short lived LVT-1. Great game with lots of Banzai and Seppuku action. In the end the Marines were not able to make their objective, but certainly left some scars on The Emperor!

The Table.
The Table.
"They're in there somewhere!"
"The LVT-1 is taken out!"
A good place for a HMG
Machine gun duel
"Move it!" "Move it!"
They're close...
Awesome terrain
Mortar time, got Seppuku?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Robots and Zombies!

Another Playtest night of Where Heroes Dare!

The Random Chapter generator was used for the two games played last night leaving one adventure in a Samarkand Death Trap and the other in a Search for Evil in Mount Erebus. Both games had vehicles, robots, and plenty of action. Below I have the phone camera pics, but will be posting more with my other camera later.

Wu-Fang attempts to escape the Death Trap set by the StrossTruppen
"Robots Attack!"
The commandeered tank now known as "The Bot Slayer"

Meanwhile in a Jungle hidden deep within Mount Erebus...
The Mad Baron's troops seize the Ancient Pyramid

Samarkand saw traps, tanks slaying robots and even overrunning them after they attempted a close assualt while the action at Erebus saw everything from aircraft strikes to a parrot luring unwary villains into traps. A few more tweeks to do and things should be near completion.

To Be Continued...


Thursday, September 10, 2009


Thought I'd share some recent art and also my warband I made for the Where Heroes Dare! play test next week. Players were given 1,000 pts with up to 150 pts to be spent on vehicles for the next game. My team, The Abonimable Agents of Si-Fan, consists of Fu Manchu with a Foo Dog companion leading 6 armed Dacoits and a FT-17 commandeered for his insidious plans. Also aiding him is the Mad Doctor Umlaut and 3 of his Zombie warriors which should make for an interesting team. I'm curious to see what teams the other players come up with. Pictures will be posted afterward...


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Demise on Mayor Mc Cheese's Space Port...

A fun game of Star Grunt 2 ran for us at the local Club by Mark of Daddy's Little Men. Rlee and I were the liberators of this oppressed world, but were killed almost to a man by the staunch forces of the local fascist guards of Mayor Mc Cheese. Next time Mc Cheese, next time...


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Vicious Vehicles!

Vicious Vehicles have arrived for the Where Heroes Dare! rules leaving only a few gaps left to finish before release. Players will have the choice to field anything from Bootlegger Cars to Tanks as well as aircraft to add to their adventures. I will be following up in a few weeks with some more pictures of playtests along with updates. Stay tuned!