Robots and Zombies!

Another Playtest night of Where Heroes Dare!

The Random Chapter generator was used for the two games played last night leaving one adventure in a Samarkand Death Trap and the other in a Search for Evil in Mount Erebus. Both games had vehicles, robots, and plenty of action. Below I have the phone camera pics, but will be posting more with my other camera later.

Wu-Fang attempts to escape the Death Trap set by the StrossTruppen
"Robots Attack!"
The commandeered tank now known as "The Bot Slayer"

Meanwhile in a Jungle hidden deep within Mount Erebus...
The Mad Baron's troops seize the Ancient Pyramid

Samarkand saw traps, tanks slaying robots and even overrunning them after they attempted a close assualt while the action at Erebus saw everything from aircraft strikes to a parrot luring unwary villains into traps. A few more tweeks to do and things should be near completion.

To Be Continued...



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