2 more irradiated pages...

Here are the other two pages that followed and that was as far as I got. Story line to this series was that in the fallen future a caste called Hunters were formed to deal with threats to the new civilizations trying to survive in the wastes. The Hunters worked in pairs, one Psyker and one Stalker, and were given tasks by the ruling councils of the civilizations. more often then not these tasks brought them into the Outlands where they tracked down threats and rogues. In this case the Stalker Achates and the Psyker Dellia are sent to track down some Steeljacks, cyborgs, who have been raiding convoys between settlements. If I get a chance, I have a full book just on Achates and his origin, but it will take a bit of scanning.


  1. Back in the day I drew my own comics too. Alas, for the days of yester-year.



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