Terror in Tunguska, After the Battle

Captain Achilles of the US Rocket Corps firing into Cultists
A Chinese soldier holds strong after charges from the Irish Mob
The Cult of Al sets up their machine gun.
The Chinese Warlord turns into a Shambling Horror!
The Rocket Corps move into postition.
The Cult of Al advances!
High ground is taken!
The Tuchuns advance on the Irish Mob.
Cultists open fire!
The Chinese attack!
Worlds collided in Tunguska, Russia 1927. The Chinese Warlords backed by the American Rocket Corps trampled through the fallen forest aware that other parties were also searching for the precious Iridium left glowing on the ground from the Meteorite. The Cult of the God King, also known as the Cult of Al, along with some adventuring Irish Mafia also sought to claim the stones for their own purposes. At first the groups skirmished with shots amongst the fog, Rocket Corps men dropped from the sky onto one of the objectives only to be cut down by Cultist fire. The Chinese Tuchuns moved forward with a Warlord claiming a stone and failing his Moxie test which left his body twisting horribly into a Shambling Horror. The Horror advanced and consumed one of the Rocket Corps men pinning them between the Cultists and the Horror. The Irish Mob laid down heavy fire onto the Chinese and were able to pin some, but not inflict any wounds. Captain Achilles of the Rocket Corps and Iris Storm defeated the Horror in deadly hand to hand and Achilles surged forward declaring the Cultist Leader as his old Nemesis while Iris took the Iridium and made a dash back to the trucks. The Cultists fired in vain upon Achilles who killed the entire group himself in hand to hand only to be killed by the second team that used a flamethrower and submachine guns to put him down. Meanwhile an Irish charge failed to dislodge the Chinese who then followed up with their own charge killing the reamaining Mob members. In the end the Chinese American Coalition won, having seized three pieces of Iridium, though the Chinese would need a new Warlord.

The game was played in our club using the Iron Ivan Games upcoming Pulp rules, Where Heroes Dare!. Players had roughly 5-10 M models and we each had our own gangs. It was played on a 3' x 3' table and lasted about 2 hours. Photos were taken with my Palm Centro as I forgot my SD card for my regular camera, Doh!

More to come with this, more scenarios and some more insight to the upcoming rules.

To be Continued...


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