Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Return of Kong Fang, a Where Heroes Dare! game

The Return of Kong Fang!

So we got all the heroic teams together for a huge WHD! game where all fought against the forces of Kong Fang!  5 teams of Heroes fought against the Supernatural Hordes to prevent them from resurrecting their vile master!

 The Terracotta Golems advance on the heroes.

 The other side of the Wall, Ying Fang, Daughter of the Devil advances on the heroes with the Striker of Doom.

 "Here Boy!" Kinzo Summons his faithful hound.

 The Bell of Doom, suspended over the Well to Hell.  The Heroes take up positions to prevent the Striker of Doom from reaching it.

 Team Kinzo deals deadly blows to the pottery punters of Kong Fang.  Broken clay litters the ground with Team Kinzo triumphant!

 Tuvia from Team Stine continues to rain death down on Ying's forces.

Team Greg kills off the attacking Dacoits and Advances.
 A Temple Guardian is felled by Team Tony's elephant gun!  An arm was shot off before the killing blow.

 Team Tony cleans up the stragglers.

 The Heroes consolidate their gains.

The last of Fang's forces are vanquished!  The Heroes have beaten the forces Kong Fang...For Now!

More to come,

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hey Baby it's the 80' the Stan

Some pics of some of the Mongrel Minis Soviet-Afghan War circa the 80's

 That's a lot of chopper!

 The Hind is a 1/60 diecast model.

 The locals on the move...

With a little help from Toyota.  The truck is from Force of Arms.


Sunday, February 3, 2013


Deep within the sand scarred tombs of the Old Queen, our intrepid adventurers come face to face with the very heart of Evil!

 The Queen of the Dead!

 She appears to be impervious to all reason!

 The sarcophagus is a Dare! location for Where Heroes Dare!

 The secret lies in her sarcophagus!  Destroy that and she can be harmed!

But will they do it in time?!

More to come,

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Rough Riders in Cuba, 25mm

 Here are a few of the Old Glory 25mm Rough Riders I got painted.

 Still not completely sold on my paint scheme yet.

I got about 30 of the Spanish painted, and here are the first of the Americans to deal out some lead.
I'm looking at using Iron Ivan Games's Price of Glory rules with a few adaptions for the conflict.

More to come!