Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas at the Lab, Free Building templates

In the spirit of giving I have loaded from the archives of the Lab some templates that I use for making foamcore buildings. Simply print these puppies out on card stock and cut away the white portions and you are left with a quick and easy template. The designs are based on 6 inches wide, I usually make a 6 inch by 6 inch base of foamcore to build from. It appears that the Blog auto scales the images, so these will have to be scaled to 6 inches wide to print accurately. I'll post some of my finished pieces for reference later. These are intended for 28mm games, hope you enjoy!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Elsewhere in the Forest...

Here some furry little heroes from Splintered Light Miniatures

Finally got around to taking some pics.

As much as I've tried getting my daughter interested in these..

She is still more interested in Giant Robots :)

I really like the figures, fun to paint and full of detail.
Now where did I leave my Mouseguard trades...


Sunday, December 5, 2010

What Lurks Below? Dinosaur Safari

What Lurks Below?
A land without time!
The Inner Earth!

Four teams of Hunters/Scientists enter into the Inner World in search of specimens to bring back. Each team had 500 pts to use in our Where Heroes Dare! test run of the forthcoming Hollow Earth Expedition book, What Lurks Below?

Team ROshon, back for another go in the Inner Jungles

Roy Chapman Kinsey's Team fends off an attack from Utah Raptors as they venture further into the jungles of danger!

The intrepid crew of the USS Falcon led by Captain Mongo stumble upon a feeding Theropod!

The Marano Team downs a T-Rex under a withering hail of fire after losing a porter to it's jaws. After immobilizing the giant beast, it was finished in Hand to Hand!

Captain Mongo and his sleeveless Companion Trey, walk amongst the carcasses of felled Prehistoric Beasts.

Poaching ensues with Team ROshon finishing off the Theropod wounded by Team Mongo.

"That's an ABONIMATION of Nature!"

Team Kinsey cleans up with the most victory points at the end of 7 turns with the discovery of a nest and eggs!

Lots of fun, thanks to all who made it out, I got a few more tweaks to go!

More to come