Wong arrives at the Trucial Abysmia border

Recent aggressions fomented by Cobra in Benzheen have led to a larger Soviet presence in neighboring Trucial Abysmia, a satellite of the Soviet Union.  Oktober Guard arrives to begin planning clandestine operations across the border.

Col Brekhov inspects the mortar battery

Schrage talks shop with a VDV officer

Wong arrives to bring Chi Com support

Summing up the situation 

Wong’s famous lariat

Horrorshow takes a look down the valley from the back of a BMP

Stormavik arrives with the Oktober Guard scout vehicle 

Another view of the border 

Schrage talks to the Sagger team

Hunting for HISS tanks or other Cobra armor

A Dshk is sited in

Heavy machine gun support

A T-55 arrives

-with Daina 

Any targets yet Tovarisch?


Molotov also arrives and finds Wong, "Need a light Comrade?"

More to come,



  1. That's brilliant! Sorry I'm asking so many questions but it's been forever since I've thought about these characters and stuff and it's really fun to think back to those days lol! They made there debut in the really early issues right - somewhere before issue 10 or so? I also remember them in Special Missions #1 I think, but that they really didn't have too much of a recurring role - am I remembering that correctly or am I totally wrong there?

    1. Thanks! No it was definitely in the first ten they make their first appearance when the Joes got after a downed spy plane in Afghanistan. The October Guard make several appearances in the regular ARAH as well as the Special Missions and also in the cartoons. Fun stuff!


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