28mm Pulp 80s Dungeon Crawl

The following are some test rules for a Pulp 80’s style Modern Installation dungeon crawl. Players control an Insertion team and one player controls the defending forces.  Designate one or more rooms as targets for the teams and put an enemy commander and a blip in each target room.

Installation Rules

Cover:  All rooms provide -1 basic cover.  Players receiving fire from outside of a room gain -2 cover.

Cameras: Cameras in rooms may be destroyed by shooting the camera.  This take the place of any other shooting.  Cameras may be Hacked by an Electronics expert on an Easy Dare! Test or by any other trooper with a Hard Dare! Test, only one attempt per Activation. A Hacked Camera counts against the Blip Generation rolls.

Locked Doors/Barricades: Players may attempt to lock a door instead of shooting or Hand to Hand.  Character must be in contact with the door and roll a successful DARE! Check. Place a die with the number of successes by the door. A player will have to beat that many successes in DARE! Tests to enter. Successes may be added to over additional turns. BATs and SNAKEs may batter their way through doors on a single 5 or under roll.

Vents: Trapped Characters may attempt to use vents to move to an Adjacent room. One Character makes a single DARE! Test and on success discovers a vent and may move to the opposite room with all other characters.

Snap Fire rules are still in effect.

Blast weapons effect everyone inside a room.

Defending player rolls to see how many Blips he gets each turn.  Blips are generated in Barracks or Elevator rooms.  Blips move 9” a turn.

Blip Generation Roll D10
D10 Roll

Modifiers to Blip Generation roll
Gunshot +1
Active Camera Present in an Occupied Room +3
Destroyed Camera +1
Each Hacked Camera -2

Blips reveal when they enter an occupied room or if gunfire occurs in adjacent room.

Blip Reveal Roll D10

D10 Roll
1 Cobra Soldier, unarmed
1 Cobra Soldier armed
2 Cobra Soldiers
2 Cobra Soldiers, 1 Cobra Officer
2 Crimson Guardsmen
5 Viper Kill Team
4 Viper Hill Team w/ SAW Viper
3 Red Ninjas
2 BATs
1 Companion level Character and 2 BATs
1 S.N.A.K.E.

Modifiers to Blip reveal
Blips stack +1 per blip
Blips reveal in a Friendly occupied room +1
Blips reveal in the armory +3
Blips reveal in a room with a Hacked Camera -3

More to come,


  1. Thanks! I may include a prisoner rescue as one objective for the insertion team, maybe Stormshadow. This would allow a chance for reinforcements for the attackers.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'll post pics when we get a game in trying it out.


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