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Battle in the Bayou, Where Heroes Dare!

We ran a six player Where Heroes Dare! Game using the This belongs in a museum! Scenario. Buildings are oop, Laser craft Mfd kits My Kong Fang team US Rocketeer team The scenario Diecast boat plane banks that are 1/50 scale Docks are by Lemax  Dare! Locations Another, a stack of arcane tomes Mercenaries forward! Rocketeers stumble upon a trap! The Rocketeer Captain fires and then dies in a blaze of glory as his pack malfunctions. Sgt Rocks team advances Kong Fangs horde wades forward Fire erupts on the docks Rocketeers move to seize more Dare! locations Rlee’s alien invaders move forward Kong Fang’s Dacoit team moves forward The Foo Dog takes the hits from the USMC, saving Kong Fangs life, for now.. The USMC secure the docks The aliens fire up their death Ray US forces fortify As the opposition begins to fall  In the end the US forces find the Forgotten Idol and win the game. More to come, Doc

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