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The Quest for Dr. Luv, Where Heroes Dare!

A friend ran out last gaming night game which was a Pulp game set in South America. Players worked cooperatively, at first at least, with their 500 pt teams to reach the ziggurat at the end of the table. The overall table Kong Fang’s Team with an M1A1 Coolidge tank The Rocketeer team Marines forward! The mercenaries Led by their commander -clank-clank-clank-clank Kong Fang and his Dacoits discover a metal iris door! Small robots begin attack the players, emerging from the iris doors. Rocketeers make it to the ziggurat first thanks to their jump packs. Almost there The red chips are random encounters, different varieties of hostile robots! The Danner Expedition advances Rocketeers make it to the top of the ziggurat. USMC fight their way through a slew of robots Natives lead the way Giant robots attack! The USMC close assault the larger bot, crippling it with satchel charges. Moving below into the interior of the temple Lab equipment is found Robots attack! Dr. Luv meets Kong Fang! As th

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