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Our last game day was a Dinosaur Hunt at the Earth’s Core using Where Heroes Dare! Tim of The Safe Hole blog’s German Team A view down the table Rob’s band of adventurers Dave’s USMC interwar force Reg’s German forces complete with Indiana Jones villains My team’s first encounter with an Encounter! Slim puts it down with his Browning LMG The Crimson Ghost turns on his Disappearing Belt and strides toward the first Dare! location. Danner’s Zepplin Truppen advance Tim’s Germans dispatch a raptor Herr Todt moves forward A T-Rex attacks my group and Mugsy is killed Sooooo many Germans on the table Tim’s troops move toward the next location Singh and Tarzan advance As the rest of their party find a friendly goose who joins the party. The USMC are attacked! Raptors in the brush! Germans open fire on the Titanic Terror! As do the USMC Tim wanted a back door shot The Crimson Ghost rescues a native sacrifice! Zepplin troops arrive by fast line and kill a terror bird! The Zepplin of their origin

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