15mm Drone Jockey for Reality’s Edge

I’ve added a few more 15s to my collection for Reality’s Edge.

In the Sprawl

A Drone Jockey with his pet tracking down a mark in the Sprawl.

Across the street are the targets

Trying to blend into the crowds

The Jockeys other drone finds the targets

And close in on them. The Drone Jockey and his drones are from Clear Horizon miniatures and are excellent.

More to come,


  1. "THEY sent A SLAMHOUND on Turner's trail in New Delhi, slotted it to his pheromones and the color of his hair. It caught up with him on a street called Chandni Chauk and came scrambling for his rented BMW through a forest of bare brown legs and pedicab tires. Its core was a kilogram of recrystallized hexogene and flaked TNT.
    He didn't see it coming. The last he saw of India was the pink stucco facade of a place called the Khush-Oil Hotel." - Count Zero


  2. More 15mm goodness from you, always a pleasure! :)


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