28mm Iron Grenadier Razorback and Voltar

I’ve expanded my Iron Grenadier forces, Destro’s private army, with Voltar his field general and a Razorback AFV.

The Razorback is the principle front-line assault vehicle for the Iron Grenadiers.  Its impressive firepower capabilities can totally destroy an enemy vehicle within minutes.  Only the "créme de la créme" of the Iron Grenadiers can be admitted into the Razorback driver program.

     Like many Iron Grenadier vehicles, the Razorback can function with two different capacities.  In its first mode, the Razorback functions as higher ground for extended long-range firepower with its powerful cannon.  To accomplish this mode transformation, the center of the Razorback arches upward on a vehicular hinge and the crew compartment and rear engine section move together to form a stable ground for the cannon's recoil.  The second mode of the Razorback is as an armored, missile-launching tank.  Razorbacks in the second mode move in high-speed formations are known as "packs", and their Wild Boar drivers favor surprise attacks with an intense barrage of surface-to-surface missiles.

     Razorbacks saw service in North America during 1989 and 1990.  Razorbacks were later seen on European fronts from 1991 until the late 1990's.  Razorbacks and Evaders were then last deployed to India along with TARGATs.  To date, the Iron Grenadier operative Metal Head was operating in India as recently as 2003, so it is quite likely, but not confirmed, that Razorbacks are still in production and deployment to India.

Voltar leads the amphibious assault on Cobra Island

Not much is none of the enigmatic General of Destro’s forces outside of his love for vultures.

Get these forces ashore!

We can’t risk detection.

The Razorback is equipped with heavy firepower

And the best technology M.A.R.S. has to offer.

The 360 socket turret gives a perfect field of fire.

And is equipped for all terrain

Our Laird is coming ashore

An A.G.P. arrives

Voltar! Prepare to move on the airfield!

More to come,



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