28mm Modern Dump Mat for tabletop gaming

Another mat is available for sale, this time a 28mm scale garbage dump!

Wanting more exotic locations for Modern or Modern pulp gaming, I’ve added this mat that is available for purchase for $40 and Shipping and Handling. Just message me to

The mats are 50 x 60 inches printed on high quality fleece.

An over all view of the mat with some foam hills underneath.

Another view 

Some Palestinians moving to position

Out on the street

While a captured T-34/85 advances

Detail view

My thoughts for the mat was refugee camps or hovels towns not unlike you would see in South America

More details

A command center in the hovel town

More action

And another view of the command post

A HMG sets up

While a sniper team deploys in the camp

More details

Another view of the dirt road

An RPG team

More detail

The T34 in action

More to come,


  1. It's amazing how much atmosphere a printed mat can add to a gaming table, but your excellent shanties and scatter terrain add a lot. This looks phenomenal!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, the supplier I am currently using creates some very high quality prints for the images I've been working with, gives it a very District 9 look.


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