15mm Cyberpunk Sprawl City additions

I’ve finished some of the printed pieces I recently released in the Street Debris set-

I have more coming as I get other pieces in the set completed, it’s 20 stls of stuff!

Secur Core troops initiate Martial Law

Force all gangs out of the zone!

These miniatures are from Darkest Star games, great minis

Gangers watch wearily. All of the terrain is from my .stl sets.

With some matchbox toy repaints

Police Drifts patrol the streets

A Sprawl Samurai and Tracer investigate the drop point

Looks like someone else got to our mark first.

Spread out

Weathering was done with markers, some ink washes and acrylic paint.

Signs are clear printed resin that was then washed with ink and outline with white acrylic.  I have a tutorial on a previous post.

We need wheels out of here

Time to move!

More to come,


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