28mm GIJOE Patriot Grizzly MBT

GI Joe always had some very interested my armored vehicles but the tanks that the toy makers produced were modeled after light, air droppable tanks.  The MOBAT and Mauler were at best Sheridans and I wanted a proper MBT for the Joes.

Up steps the Patriot Grizzly. This tank was a later toy first produced in the Joes Spy Troops line, and modeled to look more like an actual real world tank than a scifi creation. I sculpted an homage to it in Tinkercad and had a print made for an upcoming showdown in Benzheen game.

Shown here in downtown Benzheen.

Heavy Metal is commanding the tank, I don’t believe it care with a designated Joe like the earlier vehicles did.

Dusty checks in with Heavy Metal

A pintle 50 cal and 4 shot ATGM adorn the turret deck

Also are twin 50 cal turrets used to clear the deck from close assaults and provide additional firepower.

Plenty of room for stowage on the back. Most of these are from SASM miniatures.

Another view of the back deck and stowage.

Heading in to town

Grunt shows up a desert pattern RAM

Scouting ahead

More to come,


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