Death Race 2023 Gaslands game

Tonight a friend hosted our monthly game, a Gaslands Death Race

The table

The gates laid out for the course

The pole position

Cars are formed up ready to roll

Roshon’s out front

Everyone pushes for the first gate to get weapon systems armed.

Jason clips the barrier by the first gate and is stuck at 1st gear

Danner’s Mishkin armed with a Death Ray

The death Ray Mishkin clears the first gate and is armed, firing back into the cars behind him.

I hit the first ramp with my performance car, The Green Dragon

Danner’s cars follow in close pursuit

The other cars plow onward through the first gate. Nuka Hurtz’s arc lightning gun is armed but misses with its first shot.

Heavy rocket fire from the Warden truck

Blown up by heavy rocket fire!

Next car hits the ramp, Team Reg’s Warden roadster 

And clears it gaining audience votes

Jason’s car jumps as well

Heavy fire and ramming at the 2nd gate

And Nuka Hurtz flips and the nuclear engine explodes

Danner’s in the lead headed toward the 3rd gate

With others in hot pursuit

And Green Dragon is rocketed to death by the Reggies 

Danner gets shot repeatedly by Jason who is close behind him.

And Danner just makes it across the finish line securing the W

More to come,


  1. Oh damn!!!! That was action packed! Glory, despair, death and destruction! It's a great course. I love how the jump ramps are just containers buried at an angle. Very cool. Thanks for sharing πŸ‘πŸ”₯


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