Age Of Saints 15mm Combined Mecha City Fight

Some friends came by for a game before the next school year starts and I ran a Anime Mecha style game using the Age Of Saints rule set I wrote years ago.

The Mecha were broken out into 3 types, Heavy Walkers, Medium Walkers and Light Recon Walkers. All weapons were Kinetic based for the game to keep it in a near future setting, no beam weapons.

A view of the overall city

One faction

Tanks are Halo Diecast repaints

Another view of the table all of these pieces are available from my store:

The large mechs are OOP Rafm Heavy Gear minis while the smaller are from:

Opposing forces

Another view

The light mech has Desanti troops

Another fire team

Streets have been cleared, objectives are to control the most table quarters

Streets have been barricaded with dumpsters



More buildings from my 15mm Cyberpunk line

The Government Building Block

Barriers waiting to be deployed

High end housing

The Distribution Center

Shooting begins as the Mech claims Hull Down from the dumpster

The Heavy Mech chews up the dumpster with it's twin Autocannons

Troops move forward to seize ground

Mechs move forward and take cover

The heavy Mech of the opposing team uses it's Mass Cannon to disable another mech.

Foggers deploy smoke on the Mechs to block target lock ons.

Construct Heavy game

Trying to maneuver to the rear to attack the weak side of the armor

Firing positions from a breached wall

Mech explodes from shots to its back

The attacker advances and has its drive destroyed, crippling it

More fog deployed and positions changed

Troops advance over the crosswalk

The Heavy Mech takes damage and loses its Cluster Missiles

more incoming fire

The light mech zips up on the rear of another mech and destroys it from behind with heavy auto fire

Devastation reigns

More to come,


  1. reason why I love 15mm, so much in such a small space. too bad I miss this game, looked badass.

  2. Very colourful, I love it.
    Nice report, sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  3. Nice to see some Heavy Gear in action. Your cyberpunk-terrain is amazing!


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