15mm Cyberpunk Street Signs

A few more 15mm pieces added to The Sprawl, this time from the Street Sign set I have up in the Lab-

Street signs add another layer of depth to The Sprawl

A camera crew from Rebel Minis on the corner

The signs are printed in pieces that slot into each other to accommodate any size of street.

Here they are printed in resin an painted with neon acrylic inks.

A reworked matchbox diecast street cleaner

Also are some sidewalk signs in the set, again printed in resin here.

Another view of the corner and of the pole that supports the street sign.

Car is from Darkest Star Games

More to come,


  1. These look fab. The little touches like this really add to the immersion.

    1. Thanks! I think at some point I will be writing a ruleset for the genre to use.


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