28mm 1/56 Lebed style Soviet Hovercraft LCAC

I wanted to add some mobility to my 28mm Oktober Guard Spetznaz forces and thought what better, cooler way than by hovercraft?

I sculpted a model based off the Soviet Lebed class LCAC that saw use in Tom Clancy books and that could not only ferry troops but BTRs and even a T55!

The stl files are available through my store if you would like to add one to your navy:

But don’t limit yourself to military only actions...

The model would be right at home in a spy or action movie setting 

Where a Black Ops mission has been ordered

And personnel can be heard over the enormous fans of the craft

Pointing out 

A prelude of the horror to come...

What could do all this?!!!

I’ve never seen so many dead orcas and sharks!


The Russian Miniatures are from the excellent Mongrel Miniatures range. The large shark is from the DnD deep cuts line and the rest are 3D prints found on Thingiverse.

More to come,


  1. GREAT! I always wanted that hovercraft. Fortunately I could play with it at a friend's. Fantastic additional stuff with the sharks and Orcas!

  2. That's a pretty awesome vehicle. Got that chunky, utilitarian Soviet look down perfectly!


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