28mm PLO for the 1980s Lebanon Civil War FINISHED

A lot of people crap on Social Media, but there are many benefits too, that glass is half full.

One benefit is in gaming groups like 2D20 Wargamers on Facebook. The admin puts out a monthly challenge to motivate hobbyists to complete something in their collection or encourage them to pick up something new.

This months challenge was “An ordinary Trooper” so I decided to finish some PLO I had bought from Mongrel Miniatures about 10 years ago. Those are pretty NOT elite in my book. The sculpts are great though!

Rushing to the next fire zone.

The Panhard is captured from the Lebanese army and is an OOP Force of Arms resin model.

All of the PLO are Mongrel Miniatures Arab Militia

These are now available through Badger Games

I can’t speak highly enough about them, lots of variety and character.

Depending on which packs you bought, you could also make Amal, Druse or Christian militias like the Phalangists.

They’ve added more packs since I bought mine, but I think this is it for me. This last batch I did was 35 for the challenge, not all pictures here. I have another 20’or so that I finished before so I have plenty ready for a scrap with Israeli  or other 1980s heroes.

More to come,


  1. Awesome looking force. Love all the different colours, weaponry and armour etc. Your basing really helps pull them altogether too. Marvellous :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Bro, I might take some more pics of the LCW stuff since I have it dug out.


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