28mm Dredknok Ground Assault

There were a lot of cool repalletted GI Joe toys in the late 80s and the Sears exclusive Dredknok Ground Assault was one of the best sets.

I’ve recreated the set with some embellishments and was kindly gifted a 28mm Stinger from Bradford of the Cast Dice Podcast and couldn’t think of a better use for it.

I added running boards to the Stinger and the grill guard from the Joe Awe Striker. Wanted to beef it up a little as I don’t see Dredknoks as “stock” kind of guys.

Torch on the back is a resin print from a Heroforge print that I doctored in Tinkercad. Trucknuts were hand sculpted from green stuff.

Ripper is also a modded Heroforge print.

I always pictured Dredknoks as the orcs of the GI Joe universe 

Another view.

Ready to run down some Joes- for the right price

Buzzer is on a captured Joe RAM

What’s cooler than a chainsaw on a Gatling armed cycle?!

Ready to chop and run

The old Zaranna view

Ready to fire

Family shot with the Thundermachine

Lot of Mad Max right there

More to come,


  1. Pure Awesomeness in this post. Fab conversion and paint work!

  2. Brilliant! There was nothing better than the Sears Christmas catalog for seeing all the stuff I could never have 😃


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