Lebanon, Modern Ruins 1982 Part 2

More ruins for Lebanon 1982 that will be in my Seek Out, Close With, And Destroy game at Cold Wars.

Here we can see another crate building as I made before, but now with roof intact.

The "roof"of the crate has been removed using a portable jigsaw. It made quick work, I cut about 9 of them in 15 minutes.

Using PVC glue, I glued part of a Popsicle stick into 2 of the corners. They will hold the lid in place.

I drilled holes in the corners of the building floors and inserted nails for support beams. I then cut sturdy plasticard to the floor size.

The card is flexible enough so you can get the floors out. This process was pretty quick, about 10 minutes of actual labor.

A view inside with the floors out. The nails look dangerous, but you would have to be a complete idiot to hurt yourself on them. Let's call them Darwin Beams.

Now with minis inside, fully supported.

Next floor.

A view of the minis inside with the roof on.

Two crates stacked = multiple floors of mayhem! How high do you want to fight?


And Ruin.

More to come,


  1. Very cool! That solves the inside floor issue, though I'd grind down the nails a bit. :)

  2. I might put razor blades on the ends of the nails. And glue broken glass on them. Have to think it through...

  3. Need some rust on nails. Tetanos is a good Darwin's Weapon.

  4. Why not wire the razor-glass-nails up to a car battery? :) Very cool looking model.

  5. Aww Yaeeh super rusty crate xplosion goodness, do more must you

  6. What a fabulous site it is, Numbers of photo you gave attached in to this site that is step by step . Thats great...


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