Investigation on Alzoc III, 15mm Clone Wars game

We played through a 15mm Clone Wars era game with both forces investigating the ice swept planet of Alzoc III.

The table

The rules we used 

Republic forces

Another view of the icy flows

An objective marker

The corner entry point of the Republic forces

Separatist Forces

The majority of this terrain is stuff from the dollar store and some plastic electrical boxes.

BARC speeders lead the way crossing the ice flows and securing the first objective and gaining control of one of the facilities bridges.

While clone troopers ride desanti style across with one of the IFX tanks.

While Chewbacca's team moves forward

The first tank is destroyed by the main gun of an AAT.

While the other forces secure another objective

A fire fight ensues on the bridges

Kenobi uses the force to pull a building structure down onto a droid tank destroying it!

While another tank is destroyed by an IFX tank

Droids move forward, some cast into the ice flows by the bridges withdrawn by the Republican forces.

Droids riding on a tank across the ice flows 

Bossk leads his droid group forward 

Dooku receives fire and reflects it back on the clones killing them.

Dooku advances as General Kenobi has found the objective, a stolen gravatic core.

Another IFX is destroyed by sustained fire

The end is near and the game is very close for both sides

A lone survivor takes a shot!

Dooku and Kenobi engage in a Duel

In the end Dooku defeats Kenobi and the squad supporting him with a well placed saber toss, securing the victory for the Separatists.

More to come,


  1. This looks absolutely amazing. That terrain, despite his humble origins, looks _so good_ put together like that. Almost like a death match map from the old days of Unreal Yournament or something. And the icy battle mat is fantastic. Completely immersive.

    1. Thanks! I've had these pieces long before 3D printing was an option, now you could print items straight from the movies.


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