Halloween Game Night of the Glob using No Room In Hell!

I ran a 1980s themed survival horror game based on the movie The Blob. I wrote this supplement for No More Room In Hell back in 2011 and dug it out for this year’s Halloween game.

The supplement and rule set

1980s USMC Fireteams by Mongrel Miniatures

Each fire team is tasked with rescuing survivors and gathering intel.

The table, a small military base that civilians were evacuated to…

A Phrog is the entry point and exit point of the fire teams

Garage and debris, all elements on the table may be searched

Aiding players in the game or triggering encounters

Numbered markers 1-10 are spawn locations for random encounters

The Encounter markers can be survivors or blobs, depends on the reveal roll and any modifiers

A view of the center of the table. The refrigeratoration truck offers a small safety zone on the table against the blobs.

Another view of the table

A truck model of mine, this is available on my Drive Thru RPG store.

The Sea Knight, a diecast 1/60 model.

A large blob is revealed!

A smaller one is stunned and driven back by fierce melee!

Marines forward clearing buildings

At the rear of the table

Another big one!

Trying to drive the blob horde back for the evac!

Male nurse Chris being rescued by a stalwart marine


Get to the Choppa!

Circling in

A mass of Encounters

In the end only two survivors were lost and 1 Marine that fought to the end in hand to hand. Other highlights include a marine that mag dumped into one of the large blobs incurring 24 dice for encounter generating next turn!

More to come,


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