Where Heroes Dare! Museum Shoot Out

Today we ran a Pulp Museum shoot out game using Where Heroes Dare

4 teams enter from 4 different doors. Each team is 500 points and they are all searching for a Canopic Jar of arcane power.

Night time at Museum. The bases with statues are treated as forests for terrain. The exhibit cases are the Dare locations.

Statues are mostly dollar store finds with some Reaper mini pieces mixed in.

Dave’s USMC in tin hats

My Servants of Kong Fang

Roshon’s cultists

Dave’s German Zepplin troops

Dave’s marines advance making their way to the first case.

Kong Fangs servants solve a Dare! location and the power suddenly goes out in the museum casting all in darkness.

Roshon’s cultists fine the jar! Now they need to get out with it!

Zepplin troops advance!

Marksmen marines fire!

A duel of guns breaks out between the German leader and a cultist tommy gunner! The German is killed having forgotten to use his second pistol!!

Cultists make their way to escape!

Under withering fire from all 3 teams, the cult leader escapes with the jar to win! Very close game all the way to the end.

More to come,


  1. AWESOME! This is as pulp as it gets. The idea for the vitrines are just genious!

    1. Thanks, yeah the vitrines were the plastic containers that my 1/285 GHQ minis came in. I separated the pieces and sprayed the bottom half with black paint. I tracked down some overhead views of the insides of vitrines, sized and printed to fit in the cases.

  2. Fab looking game dude! I am looking forward to painting some Pulp casts for 7TV inspiring stuff!

    1. Thanks! Yeah Crooked Dice have some great looking sets.


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