Reality’s Edge, prepping my 15mm Cyberpunk

I got high hopes for Reality’s Edge for some Cyberpunk skirmish gaming. I’m hoping it will work with my existing 15mm collection. I have always loved the William Gibson novels and and Ghost in the Shell and looking forward to gaming it.

Section 9 arrives to the work site where the renegade bioroid was spotted.

I’m not seeing anything on the spectrum...

But these crates have military grade warheads inside...

Over there!

Major! I’ll cover you!

Police glider provides spotting

Stand down!


Hard suits arrive to support the major

-but the bioroid has reinforcements of its own, a thinktank!

More to come,


  1. lol really wanna make a batman joke, but i will be cool.
    hope the game is good, i personally never got into cyberpunk stuff that i know of.

    1. Ha, I bought two of those to convert into Police Skimmers. The other skimmer pictured is from Matchbox I believe.

  2. Looks cool. Look forward to reading some battle reports.

  3. Yay! 15mm cyperpunk goodness. I want to see MORE, Doc!

    1. Ha, thanks! My 15s are no where as good as yours though. More coming, I have a lot of stuff that has been sitting in suspended animation waiting for a ruleset to come along, this book looks the cure.


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