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Age Of Saints 15mm Combined Mecha City Fight

Some friends came by for a game before the next school year starts and I ran a Anime Mecha style game using the Age Of Saints rule set I wrote years ago. The Mecha were broken out into 3 types, Heavy Walkers, Medium Walkers and Light Recon Walkers. All weapons were Kinetic based for the game to keep it in a near future setting, no beam weapons. A view of the overall city One faction Tanks are Halo Diecast repaints Another view of the table all of these pieces are available from my store: The large mechs are OOP Rafm Heavy Gear minis while the smaller are from: Opposing forces Another view The light mech has Desanti troops Another fire team Streets have been cleared, objectives are to control the most table quarters Streets have been barricaded with dumpsters Forces Forces More buildings from my 15mm Cyberpunk line The Governme

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