28mm Aliens Vs Predators

A friend gifted me a series of 28mm Aliens miniature prints so I went to work getting them finished.

The prints were based so I first separated them from their bases.

Then gave them a flat gray rattle can coat

Predators are by Copplestone

Back view

I dipped the Aliens in Jacobean stain

And then again in Tudor Gloss

The bases were sprayed flat black and rust

Then dry brushed silver 

Lastly they were given some ink washes of green and orange

And that was it, quick and easy

The Queen is not happy

A Predators last stand

More to come,


  1. awwwww shit, this is rad man. awesome job!

    1. Thanks bud! These were almost zero effort to do, if I ever did genestealers again, I think I would use a similar method.

  2. Whatttttt?! This is so cool! I never expected you to spring a fully formed battle of Xenomorphs versus Preds on us! They look amazing!


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