Rumble at Cobra-La

Our latest GIJoe pulp game took place in the hidden valley in the Himalayas that was the location of Cobra-La.

The table is snow covered rifts

With the mutagenic spore plants

The stalks must be destroyed to prevent their launch

The Joes need to destroy 3 of the towers within 8 turns

The have special charges to plant on the stalks to destroy them

Serpentor and Golobulos lead the Cobra-La forces

The Joe forces enter the table, a Snowcat and infantry forces

Snow Serpents are set up in firing positions

Shockwave advances with a Steel Brigade fire team

And take up defenses at the base of one of the stalks.

Flint’s team advances

Setting up firing positions

Targeting attempts and fire

Ice Wolf opens fire

A flanking Joe team close assaults a HISS tank

Destroying it with satchel charges as the pilot tried shooting them.

Snake Eyes and Frostbite set charges and are attacked by Golobulus

The Polar Bears attack

The HMG team pivots to attack

The Cobra-La Royal Guard assault Snowjob’s fire team

Lady Jaye’s team sets charges and attacks

The Polar Bear takes a direct hit from a HISS missile

The Ice Wolf flanks the Joe forces and sprays 20mm rounds into them

The HISS tank takes a hit from the Snowcat’s ski missile and is obliterated!

Golobulus kills Snake Eyes in a desperate melee

The Snowcat is blown up from the Ice Wolf

Lady Jaye’s team brings down one stalk, but Alpine gets pinned by its collapse

A slow demise in melee against the Royal Guard

Serpentor strafes the Joe fire team

Joe’s advance

Snow Serpents in action

Snow job is killed

Serpentor is brought down with massed fire

Golobulus finishes off the last chance the Joes had for victory!

More to come,


  1. Brilliant report! love the stalks and all the Winter Joes and Foes!

    1. Thanks Bud! It was a bad day for the Joes, but at least we got to see Serpentor get mowed down.

  2. Noooo! A Pyrrhic victory for Cobra as they lost Serpentor himself, but the stalks remained to activate their awful plan.

    I always found the "Cobra La" premise to be completely ridiculous. I like my Cobra to be kind of grungy: opportunist terrorists for profit operating within the realm of near-modern warfare. But this is pretty cool. I like the whole mission setup and the stunning array of winter characters used 😮👏

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I think with the cartoon series they completely ran out of ideas and went full Agartha with the franchise.

  3. Serpentor couldn't go out like that,
    Nnooooo la la la la!!!!

    1. He died from Snap fire while trying to move away. He did have several good strafing rounds with the chariot before that though. Golobulos was the real beast on the table.


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