Transformers Sea Spray

The gargling Autobot from Season 2 of the Transformers cartoon joins the painted Autobot ranks.

A lagoon of Electrum is found

But Decepticons want it too

Blitzwing is the first to arrive

More to come,


  1. I feel like he's outmatched here. But he's not going down without a fight.. he's got that Fighting Irish stance going!

    Seaspray was one of the more interesting small series Transformers that was out there. The way the fans pivoted to reveal his head was kind of a neat mechanism, and his vehicle form was nice looking. It's too bad that the toys now seem to focus on larger, extremely complicated and expensive models that a lot of kids probably can't even transform by themselves. This guy was just pull pull pivot and you're done.

    1. The gesture of the sculpt is great, which isn't easy for robots. I had this one as a toy, like you mentioned these little guys were pretty affordable for kids and had a lot of character.


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