40k Throwdown on Fenrir

Another play test was made for a d10 based adaption of the 40k genre.

4 players, 2 opposing forces scour Fenrir for the fabled Banevtr and any other relics that can found.

Squalls reduce the visibility to a -2 modifier for any ranged attacks over 12 inches.

The surface itself provides a -1 cover

Icy slopes

The units deploy, 15 models per player broken into 5 man teams.

Space Wolves surge forward under fire

The players are not alone! The fighting has disturbed a nest of Ambulls, provoking them to attack!

Securing a relic from the ruins.

Wounds taken from heavy fire.

Ultramarines raining death with a missile launcher.

Wolves counter fire with their Lascannon

Only one relic location left!

World Eaters move to take it before the Space Wolves!

More to come,


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