Protect The Hunted! Where Heroes Dare!

Our latest game of Where Heroes Dare! took place in Northern China, where a prominent archeologist’s daughter has gone missing.

An overall view of the table

4 players, 600pts per player

Dice bowl

Across the table are 8 Dare! Locations, one of which is the missing daughter.

Some details

Ruined sections of the wall

Kong Fang’s forces 

Terracotta Zombies

Ying Fang, Kong Fang’s nefarious daughter advances under heavy fire

Tim of The Safe Hole’s blog team of intrepid adventurers 

The Austin armored car of Dave’s team mows down the terra-cotta zombies

As his troops move to secure firing positions

Kong Fang’s forces advance

Terracotta zombies

The Brass guardians of Kong Fang

A helpful monkey is discovered!

An out of control brass guardian assaults the armored car!

Tommy Chong, last one of Ying Fang’s team to survive

Fang advances

Enemy at the gates! As the missing woman is found!

Dave’s team evacuates for the win

More to come,


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