28mm Fantasy Adventure tiles for MOTU

Having collected a number of 28mm MOTU minis I wanted to create some floor tiles for some Dungeon Crawl games with Grayskull as the inspiration.

These tiles are available here:

A sample layout with tiles printed from a color xerox on paper

I use a black piece of felt as a mat for them to lay on

I’ve added some 3d printed and resin cast terrain pieces as scatter terrain and objectives

Here Heman leads the Masters of the Universe against Skeletor who has seized the castle.

The tiles create a variety of layouts.

More details

Intersection pieces

Chambers with some pillars and lava pools from stl files

Webstor leads a foray

Twists and turns

Forces clash

Man E Faces enters the Castle’s lower levels

Royal Guard led by Man At Arms

Skeletor’s slaves advance

While he controls the entrance to the throne room

A cyclops blocks the chamber

Plenty of variety 

More to come,


  1. Fantastic work and setup! What rules are you using with them?

    1. Thanks! I will be revisiting the Masters of Power rules I had worked on for use with the tiles. More to come.


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