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Triple Threat, Showdown on the border of Trucial-Abysmia and Benzheen

We had a 3 way game in the Pulp 80s pitting Soviets vs the USA vs Terrorist.
The game takes place between the 2 fictional middle eastern nations of Trucial-Abysmia and Benzheen, where a soviet hind has crashed carrying a deadly neurotoxin.
2 Soviet pilots have gotten the toxin from the crash and have sent out a distress signal that is picked up by both the Terrorists and the US.
The overall table, 3 roads lead in to the crash site. Each force enters in from one of the edges.
The crash
Another view
And another.
Game Length: 8 turns Deployment:  each force enters within 6 inches of their respective road Event Cards:  Each player randomly draws 1 Event card to play.  The Event Cards are:
Infiltration-The player may replace an opposing players minion with one of his own and activate immediately.
Off Table Support- The player may call in one tube of 105mm off table artillery support.
Advanced Recon- The player may choose 2 minions or Companions and place them in one building hidden that cannot be targ…

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