1st game of the year Kill Team Chaos Astartes vs Thousand Sons

Our local gaming group has a Kill Team Campaign coming up and we got a refresher game in for our first game of the year.

The map, 100 pt game with the Aerial Strike Mission

My Thousand Sons are the attackers and the Chaos Marines are the defenders

The defenders set up

Taking up firing positions

The Thousand Sons and Tzaangors roll for their deployment zones

Attacks begin and Tzaangors charge

Fire exchanged between my Aspiring Sorcerer and Dave’s command

Tzaangors in hand to hand

The soul reaper cannon duels with the Heretic Marines heavy bolter

One of Dave’s MVPs, a Plasma Gunner with the Sniper abilities. He takes out a number of my team.

My warp flamer is charged and killed by Dave’s Marines

In the end Dave’s forces succeeded 

I was unable to destroy the defended Objective Locations.

More to come,


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