15mm Fantasy Miniatures from Splintered Light

Skully over at

Always does outstanding 15mm work and recently posted some 15mm fantasy pieces that are magnificent. Check them out.
I mentioned to him that I also did some 15mm fantasy to replace the tokens from our Dungeon Boardgame and he asked to see them soooooo....

Outside of the Dungeon, a Rogue and 2 Paladins

Back view, all of these minis are from Splintered Light in the states.

Two fighters and another rogue

Excellent details on the minis

The whole party.

More to come,


  1. They look terrific. A pity pictures cannot be zoomed in.

  2. Mmm 15mm goodness! These little guys look great; a nice collection of classic fantasy characters. I particularly like the Paladin with a staff, and the fighter with two swords.

    1. Thanks! I've really liked the offerings from Splintered Light.


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