Thousand Sons vs Death Guard Kill Team match

I was invited over to my buddy’s place today to give my Thousand Sons Kill Team Force a try against his awesome Death Guard.

You can see more of his Death Guard here:

My Thousand Sons

And the supporting Tzaangors, for 100pts

Death Guard Terminators also supported by Death Guard Marines 

The table, with 5 Objectives that need to be controlled by end of game.

My force breaks into two wings

The Death Guard advance 

And take up positions 

The Death Guard are way tough and take out my Icon Bearer

His last stand. My heavy lays down wounds with the Soul Reaper HMG

Wounds are dealt with Psychic Blasts and concentrated fire.

Followed by the Tzaangors charge!

My Warp Flamer Rubric Marine takes a flesh wound but immolates his target.

The Tzaangors roll up the other Death Guard in melee, killing them.

The Death Guard leader, the lone survivor, was dispatched under withering fire.

I’m really happy how the force turned out, and look forward to adding my Scarab Terminators to the roster.

More to come,


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