Returning to 40k, my Thousand Sons Kill Team

It’s been about 20 some odd years since I have bought any 40k miniatures having abandoned the game after 3rd edition.

For me, 2nd Edition was my favorite of the series and was what we gamed as a group back in the day at my buddy’s comic book store.

My local gaming group has been playing a few games of Kill Team, and having played it wanted my own force.

I didn’t want to use a faction I had fielded before and also wanted my troops to be able to ally when necessary with my buddy Tim’s Nurgle forces.

You can view his awesome troops on his blog, The Safe Hole.

Anywho, my thoughts on the 40k forces I bought.

I bought a Start Collecting box set of the Thousand Sons and my first thoughts upon opening the box were that this product is much more polished than the 40k I knew before.

What I mean by that is that inside the box were stats, detailed assembly instructions as well color guides. It is very thorough.

My second thought was there are a lot of pieces to these minis! They really are more like models now, but I can say the way they fit together is done very intuitively.

Also included in the box set are decal sets.

So here are my Thousand Sons Rubric Marines

All set for action, recovering arcane artifacts

While reaping revenge on the false emperor

The bases are from Dragonforge, which I can’t recommend enough, great product and service.

These guys were very time consuming to paint, but I’m happy with how they turned out.

More to come,


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    1. Thanks bud! You'll see them I the flesh, err dust, this week :)

  2. Now that is a very good-looking kill team! One of the guys in the group I used to play with ran 1K Sons like a beast, would shoot me up at range with those crazy bolters and the soul mini gun and then swamp me in melee with Tzaangors. The whole group dreaded that match-up. The fact they get to play in the psychic phase is just icing on the cake.

    1. Thanks! Awesome, yeah I will have to fiddle with the load outs but what you listed sounds good.

  3. These are fantastic! The Thousand Sons are my favourite faction that I've never actually painted yet. I love the look of their colourful, lavish Egyptianate armour. Until I do I'll always enjoy seeing them well done like this.

    And yes, GW's plastic figures are a world apart from the old days. They are fantastically clever about using multipart models to avoid the classic problems of undercuts and detail.


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