Joes in the Park

I’ve added a few more pieces from Footsore North America to my Modern Pulp collection-

A day in the Park, on the look out for an attack that was to take place.

Law and Order are there to detect any Cobra agents

While Alpine keeps an eye open as well

The civilians are from Superfigs that were languishing in my unpainted pile for at least 10 years, now completed.

Order begins barking at an old woman!

What is it boy?!

She turns out to be a member of Revanche!

Hippies flee in terror as the AI killing machine draws its firearm!

And more civilians reveal themselves to attack!

Get behind us folks!

More to come,


  1. This looks great. I love the park setting, it really worked well for photos. And the Revanche trooper and totally-not-a-telepathic-supermutant civilian figures are too cool.

  2. Great scenery and miniatures, Doc!

  3. Great story and setting, these 'civilians' are a wonderful addition.

    1. Thanks! The civilian packs from Superfigs make great park fillers.

  4. You really do have the best backdrops Doc. Now I've had my terrain crate arrive, I may have to get on with some myself.


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