15mm Vertical Cemetery for Cyberpunk gaming

Deep in the Sprawl a meeting goes down at the vertical cemetery, dimly lit by the flickering lights of the neon graves....

I got the pieces for another addition to my growing Sprawl finished and is also available for anyone looking to 3D print their own 

This place gives me the creeps...

Let’s get the zip and get out

Trust me, I’m not a fan of cemeteries 

This underside is a maze of conduits

Let’s get topside by all the neon graves

More here than the constructs of ancestors!

You have quite a price on your heads

Good luck collecting it!

Oh I’m not worried, I rarely travel alone

Yeah.. well neither do we!

Hurry up, they are on the other side pinned down

Shit! She’s on us. Going to need something to deal with a full body combat borg!

I got it I got it

some malware coming in hot!

That will keep her busy

Let’s ditch this place

More to come,


  1. good lord man. that is impressive. looks like im gonna start doing those 15mm u gave me to paint soon.

    1. Thanks bud! Enjoy, 15s are a different way of painting.

  2. The use of this Sengoku dragon as a piece of malware is genius.
    Love your terrain set-up here, less dark but still very dystopian.

    1. Thanks! That is a miniature from Splintered Light. I bought their Chinese set and it had great minis for Cyberpunk and fantasy.


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