Battle fleet Gothic campaign begins!

Our local Battlefleet Gothic Campaign kicked off yesterday with 6 players each with their own fleet in the Gethsemene Sector of the great void.

A view of my Necron Raiders attacking the Space Marine Lamentors chapter’s system

Moving all ahead full, my Scythe Harvester quickly engages the marine fleet

Dirges follow up on the flank

The Harvester is reduced to a hulk by concentrated fire.
The Marine Cluster Cannons prove deadly.

Jackals and a shroud move to attack

A marine escort is destroyed

But the ships manage to flank the necrons

Opening fire

And destroying them

On another table the Imperials fought the World Eaters who used Specrtal Cruisers that shifted out of the warp.

Chaos Word Bearers vs the Eldar Pirate fleet

Second game saw my Necrons vs the World Eaters that used boarding actions to destroy my vessels.

The Jackals were able to use Portal attacks on a wounded cruiser

Word Bearers vs this Lamentors.

More to come,


  1. So cool! If I hadn't too much GW stuff yet, I would consider starting BFG as well...

    1. Thanks! My entire fleet was from Thingiverse prints, cost about $40 to make, so its a cheap enough game to get into and the rules are a lot of fun.


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