More 28mm WW2 for sale

Odd mixed lots of some Uncompleted projects.

Lot 1, German LMGs, some command figures from an Italian company, Mussolini is all but painted for his time at Sasso. 13 figures total. Looking for $12 plus $8 s & h state side.

Lot 2: A platoon worth of Russians + support. These are cleaned and primed, all from Bolt Action, BUT you will notice I have a bunch of the original BA minis. 57 figures total, got some snipers and mine dogs in this lot too.  I will say I am missing the lmgs on 2 of the prone models, I will add in a mg40 loose, but that's the best I can do.  Looking for $30 plus $12 shipping and handling.

Lot 3. Americans! Americans! I have the full Eureka Sgt. Rock set with a side of Artizan American Infantry too. I am also throwing in a Sherman. All are unpainted, some are primed, but all are cleaned.  Also have the Bolt Action Patton figure included. 35 figures plus the tank. Looking for $40 plus $12 s & h in the states.

Lot 4, more of a collectors item, 4 limited edition Bolt Action Italian miniatures.  These are the original sculpts by Paul Hicks, a Para, a Italian SS, a Bersaglieri, and a Army of Africa soldier.  Looking for $20 plus $8 s & h.

Thanks for looking, 


  1. Doc,
    I think I bought some figures from you before. I am interested in Lot 3 but would prefer to not have it shipped as I live near Valley Forge, PA. Any chance I can pick up at Cold Wars in early March? I can pay via PayPal now and pick up at Cold Wars, or we can work another arrangement.
    Scott Landis

  2. Hello,
    Maybe I'm too late, but if these are still for sale I'm veery interested in lot 2 and lot 4 (and a quote for shipping to Italy). Let me know!

  3. Hey Michele! The Italians are still available. Not sure what shipping to Italy would cost, but it's probably not too cheap. If you are truly interested, I can work on getting you a quote. Thanks!

    1. Great! Yes I am for sure, let me
      know☺. thanks

  4. Hey Michele, sorry it's been hectic. Can you send me your postal address to doctormerkury att yahoo d0t com


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